A third kind of shag at Waikawa Beach: the Kawaupaka

Small mainly black shag with white throat and yellow beak.

The small shag on the driftwood didn't look quite right. Instead of a white chest it had an all-black body with just a white throat. It turns out it was a native Kawaupaka | Little shag:

A small shag with a short yellow bill, black feet, a relatively long tail and multiple plumage variations.

For comparison, here's a photo of a Kawau | Pied Shag at Waikawa Beach. Plenty of white, and a grey bill.

Pied shag with wings outstretched.

There's also the Kawau Tūī | Little black shag to be seen sometimes. It too has a grey bill.

Two black shags by the river.
Two Kawau Tūī | Little Black Shags by the river. Photo by Marion Cherry. Used with permission.
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