A visit from Black-fronted dotterels, May 2024

Black-fronted dotterel by water.

If you look very carefully in the right part of the estuary (essentially in front of 1 Reay Mackay Grove) you might spot dotterels by the little lagoon. They’re not always there.

The other day though there were several Banded Dotterels.

This morning they’d been replaced by 5 Black-fronted dotterels.

Just as hard to see, just as prone to dashing about, but very handsome.

Two Black-fronted dotterel by water.

Black-fronted dotterels are smaller and more dainty than banded dotterels and are recognisable by the striking Y-shaped black plumage on the chest contrasting with white plumage above and below, and a conspicuous black stripe through the eye that extends back to the hind neck.

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