Caution: burglars are about

Screenshot of post.

There’s a post on the Waikawa Beach Community Facebook page from Thursday 25 April 2024 talking about break-ins at two Waikawa Beach properties. A place on Duncan Street had fishing gear stolen, while another owner on Manga Pirau Street reported a bike stolen.

In one case the residents were out, but in the other they were at home at the time.

These were both break-ins rather than casual opportunistic thefts but this is a reminder to secure your belongings and watch out for suspicious behaviour at your own property and also neighbouring properties. Some people advocate installing security cameras.

Update 29 April 2024: Anyone planning on installing a camera that looks beyond their own property should read a little first about the law, unless they’re happy to be prosecuted. See Office of the Privacy Commissioner | Privacy and CCTV and CCTV FAQs | Neighbourhood Support New Zealand.

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