Waikawa Footbridge updates

Screenshot: footbridge information.

Another Horowhenua District Council LGOIMA Response. LGOIMA stands for Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

In November 2023, in Reference Number: 2023/1017 someone asked about the footbridge at Waikawa Beach, with regard to schedules for replacement within the next three years.

The document published online had some lines cut off, but I asked for the full version and received this information:

Waikawa Beach Pedestrian Bridge

Requested information : Response

Location : End of Waikawa Beach Road at Waikawa Beach

Material bridge is made out of : Combination of timber and steeel

Value of asset : Booking value as of 8 November 2023 is $92,205.92

Cost of build : $78,000

Cost of replacement : Council processed no information on the total cost to replace this bridge

Year of build : 1990

Design life : Council holds no information on the design life

Expected rebuild/replacemet date : Currently scheduled for replacement between 2024–2026

Bridge size : 3 spans bridge with each span of 18.1m length and 1,350mm width (decking)

Who built the bridge (i.e. the civil contractor) and/or if different : New Zealand Defence Force

Cost of replacement (broken down by earthworks vs structure costs if known) : Council holds no information on the total cost of replacement

Can we get this broken down by: Service bridge vs non service (i.e. service, pedestrian, cycle etc); Bridge type (boardwalk, clip on, suspension bridge plus any other types you have) : Pedestrian bridge

The thing I find most interesting / surprising about the above info is that apparently the bridge was built by the NZ Defence Force!

BTW: the 1990 bridge replaced one that was upstream a bit and was used from 1931 to about 1990. That was quite the upgrade!

Waikawa beach bridge 1931-1990.
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