Vehicles on Horowhenua beaches - complaints

Screenshot: Vehicle complaints.

Another Horowhenua District Council LGOIMA Response. LGOIMA stands for Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

In September 2023, in Reference Number: 2023/1006 someone asked about HDC's policies about vehicles on beaches. These were interesting questions (HDC has no policies), but the final response had valuable information:

Regardless of whether you have any rules, regulations or bylaws restricting or prohibiting the use of vehicles on beaches in your territory, please provide the number of public concerns or complaints that have been received/reported to you concerning the use of vehicles on beaches in your territory for the past five years (broken down by year please).”

Year Public concerns/complaints
2019 13
2020 6
2021 9
2022 6
2023 7

Note: that is complaints about vehicles on beaches in the whole of the Horowhenua district.

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