HDC Long-term Plan consultation closes 15 April 2024

The Horowhenua District Council has released its draft Long Term Plan 2024-2044 for feedback.

The Long Term Plan (LTP) sets out the services and projects the Council will provide to the Horowhenua community all the way out to 2044.

Council's draft Long Term Plan 2024-44 includes three key topics: 1. What services do we need for our community? 2. How should we manage our waste? 3. Sharing costs - who should pay for what?

The formal consultation period started on 15 March and runs until 5pm on 15 April 2024. During this period we encourage you to have your say by making a submission. Hearings will take place on 2 May, followed by deliberations on 22 May 2024. Council will receive all submissions before this to inform that discussion and subsequent decisions. Elected Members will adopt the final Long Term Plan 26 June 2024.

Outcomes chart from the document.

There aren't really any specific mentions of Waikawa Beach in the main document, but we'll be particularly affected by plans for managing rubbish and kerbside recycling. See the section starting on Page 18 for information on waste and recycling. Options 3 and 4 could result in Waikawa Beach losing its kerbside recycling service, in favour of us taking our recycling to a collection centre.

Growth map shows Waikawa Beach will contribute 0.4% residential growth.

There are a lot of documents available to read that provide supporting information.

Councillors have some very tough decisions to make, so we need to help guide them by providing our feedback on the Long-Term Plan.

Also note that in the Feedback form there are specific questions for you to answer, but at the end is your chance to ask HDC to consider other items you feel should be in the plan:

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this LTP?

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