Waikawa Beach Road intersection road markings planned, February 2024

Waikawa Beach Road intersection island.

Drivers have been very concerned lately that since NZTA completed work on the SH1 and Waikawa Beach Road intersection fresh road markings have failed to appear.

It now feels even less safe to turn into or out of Waikawa Beach Road, especially as northbound drivers now swing out to overtake those turning left into Waikawa Beach Road. Also, there are no clear markings for people trying to turn out of Waikawa Beach Road to head south.

See also: Ōtaki to Ohau road construction update, January 2024.

Several people have followed up with NZTA, and finally one resident received a reply from the Wellington Transport Alliance on 22 February 2024:

The team visited the site on Monday and have developed a plan of action. The team is programming line marking to occur as soon as possible and are discussing more permanent solutions to ensure this does not happen again.

… we have confirmed line marking did occur following the pavement works last year. The pavement works completely covered up the old lines, therefore, the presence of faded lines indicates line marking did occur following the pavement works.

It was interesting to spot these words from Ōtaki MP Tim Costley on Page 5, Horowhenua Chronicle, 23 February 2024 (my emphasis):

Locally I’m continuing my ‘pop-up clinics’ with Levin this week and Paraparaumu next (Ōtaki and Waikanae the following weeks). The main themes I heard through these last week were frustrations with transport and NZTA

Screenshot of article.
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