High fire danger, January 2024

Community firefighting water tank.

The fire danger will be very high for the Manawatū-Whanganui region this weekend [26-29 January 2024], Fire and Emergency says.

District Manager Nigel Dravitzki said this included central and lower Whanganui, lower Rangitikei, central and lower Manawatū, and all of Horowhenua.

He was asking the public not to light any fires in those areas.

"We are suspending all current fire permits issued for the coastal zone until Monday 29 January because of the increased fire danger, which is the highest we have seen so far this summer,

"We are especially concerned about coastal areas where there is also a restricted fire season in place."

Dravitzki said the public should also avoid any activities around dry scrub and grass that could cause a spark like driving a vehicle, mowing, or welding.

"The fire danger is such that spark could easily start a fire that would spread quickly and be very difficult for our firefighters to put out.

Waikawa News @WaikawaNews