HDC Rates Remission Policy — give your feedback

Horowhenua District Council are looking for feedback on their proposed Rates Remission & Postponement Policy. If you have trouble paying your Rates then this policy will affect you. Visit letskorero.horowhenua.govt.nz/RRPP to learn more and make a submission.

Abbreviated info below.

Consultation opened on Monday 20 October 2023 and closes at 5pm on 20 November 2023. Submissions will be heard on 29 November and Council will prepare to adopt the final Rates Remission & Postponement Policy on 13 December 2023.

Mayor Bernie Wanden says, “With 25% of our population aged 65 and over, our households earning on average 35% less than the rest of Aotearoa per year according to Stats.nz, and some of the highest proportions of mortgages and rent comparative to income in Aotearoa, our community are feeling the pinch more than most. These proposed changes aim to help community members that may otherwise find it challenging to pay their rates bill.”

Council propose introducing the following changes to the Rates Remission Policy:

  • Rates postponement
  • Special circumstances remission
  • Remission for second dwellings on a property
  • Remission for Buildings Requiring Earthquake Strengthening
  • More flexibility for remissions in the case of properties affected by natural hazard disasters and emergency events.
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