Book: Wild Cats of Waikawa Beach

Poster about book having been launched.

The group Wild Cats of Waikawa aims to trap wild and feral cats, neuter those that can be rehomed and then rehome them, mostly elsewhere. The cats are checked to make sure they don’t belong to anyone and their health is assessed too.

To help fund their work they've just launched a beautifully produced and written book: The Wild Cats of Waikawa Beach. The book launch was a great success.

A page from the book.

The book is very Waikawa. It features scenic photos of Waikawa and very appealing photos of cats and kittens. Local Waikawa artist Caroline Beaufort - Puna has a double-page spread of watercolours of cats along with the story of her sanctuary for animals needing shelter and a home.

Various locals have contributed their own stories of the wild cats who chose to make a home with them.

It took us a few nights to lure him into the cage but we were determined to save him from a miserable life in the wild. It was finally a line of tasty dried salmon treats leading to the cage that did the trick!

The Wild Cats of Waikawa Beach book can be purchased from Artel Gallery, Ōtaki or email: $22 + $5.60 postage in NZ. All proceeds to Wild Cats of Waikawa & Feline Fix.

If buying by email, pay into account 12 3192 0005298 00 ref your name and send your name and address.

Update, 19 August 2023: the book is also available from The Manakau Store.

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