Tauhou | Waxeye

Tiny bird sitting on a horizontal flax spear.

In winter we put out a bird feeder and the Tauhou | Waxeye love it. They're total tiny clowns with a goofy look.

Length: 12 cm; Weight: 13 g

Similar species: Bellbird | Korimako

A small songbird with olive-green upperparts, grey hindneck, neck-sides and upper back, dark olive green tail, whitish-cream underparts on the throat and upper breast, creamy grey on the belly and undertail, pinkish-buff flanks, white thighs, and creamy-white on the underside of the wings. Both eyes have a silvery-white ring and dark reddish-brown iris, and the bill and legs are dark brown-black.

Small bird looks straight at the camera with forward facing eyes making it look goofy.
Two small birds mid-air with wings spread as one chases the other away.
Small bird hanging upside down from the bottom of a wire food cage.
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