It was a long walk to the sea 20,000 years ago

Map showing a great deal of land west of Waikawa Beach.

One of the Departmental Chief Science Advisors, Rob Murdoch, talks in this clear 20 minute video about climate change adaptation in NZ.

It’s an excellent video and one you should watch — though it seems that we here in Horowhenua will fare reasonably well as global temperatures rise.

One random fact that struck me was that some 20,000 years ago, when the world was around 6 or 7 degrees Celsius colder than it is today, there was much more land to the west of Waikawa Beach than there is now. In fact the North and South Islands were united. Ice on the polar caps was much more extensive and so sea levels were a great deal lower. It would have been a very long walk from Waikawa Beach to the sea back then.

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